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Talleres de Pilsferrer

Information Analog Collage Workshop



Garna Art Gallery - Jorge Juan Alley 12




Friday March 25


Saturday March 26


five pm



2 hours

On the occasion of the new exhibition that Pilar will do at Garna Art Gallery, we will carry out collage workshops inspired by the technique developed. The workshop will begin with a brief tour of the exhibition, of which you will soon learn more details.

The term collage, of French origin, refers to an artistic technique consisting of the union of different elements. The collage usually includes various materials and images in the composition of the same work.
In this course we will work with magazines, papers and photos to create our own design. We will see how the same element can be used in different ways, the possible games of textures and the basic (although infinite) techniques of collage.
There will be a short introduction to collage and the class will end with the sharing of all the works.
The course will last approximately 2 hours and a half, and will have all the necessary material to make the desired compositions.

What do I take home?

Your collages based on a 300gr canson paper with a dimension similar to a DIN A3 and the basic guidelines so that you can continue working on the collage at any time alone.
You will take it with you in a transport folder.
Basic information and advice on framing your work to get its maximum potential and to occupy a special place in your home.

Materials included:
- Glue, magazines, preserved flowers, cloth, paper and scissors.
- Canson paper base.
- Transport folder.


Materials that the student can provide (OPTIONAL):
All those old magazines, papers and photos that you have accumulated at home but that you never dare to cut out.

Return and cancellation policy
If you cannot attend, you will be notified at least 5 days in advance. The full amount will be refunded.
The absence without prior notice by the student will result in the non-refund of the amount of the workshop.
The minimum number of students is 5. If the quota has not been filled 48 hours before the date, the amount will be refunded to the registered students.


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