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Hilo Conductor

Capítulo 0Hilo Conductor
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Capítulo 2Hilo Conductor
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Capítulo 4Hilo Conductor
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Ancla 1
Capítulo 1Hilo Conductor
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Capítulo 3Hilo Conductor
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Capítulo 5Hilo Conductor
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Garna Art Gallery

Callejon de Jorge Juan 12, 28001, Madrid

03/22 - 03/27

10:30 - 20:00



Born in Madrid in 1991, Pilar García-Ferrer has been interested, since her school years, in the world of plastic and visual arts.

In 2009, after a stay in the USA at Yale University, he began a degree in Architecture at the University of Alcalá de Henares, which has been a real revelation for his artistic sensibility and has provided him with the essential tools for development of their creations. During these university years she discovered new techniques, which led her to take a course at the University of St. Martins (London) in photography and digital design in 2012. This approach to digital techniques is key to the collage technique that Pilar uses.

In 2015, Pilar studies a semester of Architecture at the Pontifical Catholic University of Peru, in Lima. During her stay in Lima, Pilar designs cooperation projects and dedicates herself to traveling. Inspired by the nature of Peru, she begins to make artistic compositions using the collage technique. His stay in Peru represents the definitive expansion of his horizons.

In 2016, he began working at the Arquid architecture studio in Madrid, where he has participated, among others, in industrial, interior design and housing development projects. He has worked with Chesa and Mena in construction management and in 2018 he starts in
  StudioGronda  from Madrid.

He is currently working on  Galán Sobrini Arquitecto s where he is developing architecture and interior design projects.


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