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Discover the designs of sheets for living room paintings. These designs are made digitally and are printed on a limited basis for value.

If you have doubts when buying a picture to frame in a painting to decorate your living room or dining room, do not hesitate to contact us.

In our online store we have a complete team of experts who will help you solve all your doubts and advise you in a personalized way throughout the purchase process.

Ideas to decorate your living room and dining room with sheets

When it comes to decorating with sheets and decorative pictures for the living room or dining room , the options are practically endless.

To give it a fun and original touch, you don't have to choose sheets or decorative pictures for living room of the same colors or theme. We recommend you risk and place different sheets, which provide an original contrast to the eye. If you want to see different combination options, you can visit our section 'Pils at home' . In this section you will find a lot of spaces decorated with our prints that will surely inspire you.

You can use sheets for living rooms and dining rooms with food and animal motifs , since these are the most appropriate. Pictures that contain maps or elements that remind of a place.

We recommend placing them on top of the sofa or in the dining room area, making a composition of several paintings with the same size and frame color. We have wooden frames, and black and white lacquered wood.

You can also choose a poster for your living room or dining room with a black and white photo or a charcoal drawing. This is a fantastic option to give a touch of contrast and personality to all those bathrooms in which the color white predominates.

And if what you want is a more relaxed and colorful living room or dining room, do not hesitate to resort to large format sheets, since with them you will be able to give a very exclusive and original touch of color to your space.

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