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Fotografía de Pilsferrer sentada en el suelo con 3 de sus diseños

Born in Madrid in 1991, Pilar García-Ferrer has been interested, since her shool years (Nuestra Señora del Recuerdo), in the world of plastic and visual arts.

In 2009, after a stay in USA at Yale University, she began her Architecture career at the University of Alcalá de Henares, which has been a true revelation for her artistic sensitivity and has provided her with the indispensable tools for the development of her creations. During these university years she discovers new techniques, which lead him to take a course at the University of St. Martins (London) in photography and digital design in 2012. This approach to digital techniques is key to the collage technique that Pilar uses.

In 2015, Pilar studied a semester of Architecture in the Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú, in Lima. During her stay in Lima, Pilar designs cooperation projects and dedicates herself to traveling. Inspired by the nature of Peru, she begins to make artistic compositions with the collage technique. Her stay in Peru represents the definitive expansion of her horizons.

In 2016, she began working at the Arquid architecture studio in Madrid, where she has participated, among others, in industrial, interior design and housing development projects. She has worked with Chesa y Mena in construction management and in 2018 she begins at StudioGronda in Madrid.

Currently she is working in the studio of Galán Sobrini architects where she is developing architecture and interior design projects.

Pilar has made several exhibitions in the last two years in places such as The Hat Madrid, Ynot Studio, Óptica Blanche & Mutton and Espacio Mediadvanced.

In 2018 - 2019 Pilar will play with new collage techniques, making the leap to the analog world where she will try different textures, fabrics and XXL formats.

Text: Elena Rodríguez-Ponga

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Pilar García-Ferrer Rodríguez de Paterna


Pilar García-Ferrer Rodríguez de Paterna

February 2018. Ynot Study

Collective exhibition organized by PinturapINTRA.com

December 2017. Blanche and Mutton.

Culinary Cartographies

December 2018.

Collective exhibition organized by Salamandra Events.

September 2019.

Exhibition at Art & Sushi Madrid

October 2019.

Columelas Flores Exhibition, Madrid.

April 2017. The Hat Madrid


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